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Stop Hiring Transactional Designers

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

If your brand design is yielding poor results for your business, it’s your fault.

You likely chose a transaction designer and not a strategic designer.

Picture it this way, one of these designers is a white belt - the other a black belt (in the equivalent of their experience & discipline)

Strategic designers have typically been around the block, seen it all, and developed a better way to conduct business.

Transaction designers, on the other hand, are typically trying to establish themselves and are ripely happy to take any money to get their hands on.

I know this because I was one 2 years ago, but now I’m battle-hardened. I've earned my belts and found a better way to truly help business owners embark on their journey.

Designers aren’t just those who make pretty things, slap a color, a logo & wave you on your merry way. They’re problem solvers who need to diagnose a deep understanding of what you’re attempting to communicate.

The market is tough, relentless, noisy & extremely competitive. So you need the right designer in your corner - teaching you every possible maneuver possible to gain the advantage.



  • Ask you what you want

  • Charge you an hourly rate for their design work

  • Ask for your feedback

  • Do what you tell them

  • Design what they think looks good

  • Generally work on all the steps alone

  • Believe the job is done when the client says they're happy

Strategic Designers:

  • Diagnose your business challenges & goals

  • Charge you a project price to solve the problem

  • Present the strategy behind their design conclusions

  • Council you through their framework & process

  • Design what will captivate your target consumer

  • Generally collaborate with specialists for the best outcome

  • Believe the job is done when they validate their work to fil the target client + project brief

Founder & Principle of rivyl

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