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Thousands of restaurant owners -  from small pizzerias to full services catering restaurants - take back their customers and sales from the online ordering company. Take back control, drive direct sales, save money on fees, and own your customer data in one convenient place.


Take control back from the big technology companies. They're the ones who charge you outrageous fees, steal your data, and advertise your competitors to your customers.


Fight back as if your business is on the line. Because it does.

Drive orders,

Putting a link on your website isn't enough. Most of your orders will still come through third-party apps. Educate your customers on why they should order directly from you with exclusive offers and coupon codes.

Convert website visitors
into customers

Turn more than thousands of people that already visit your website each year into customers. Use proven offers to get them ordering right away. Measure the impact, down to the penny.

Continuous support and
direct contact

Menu Updating

Email & Phone

The all-in-one system for independent restaurants to increase direct online ordering sales, save money on third-party fees, and delight customers.

New Customers


Offer takeout and delivery on your website without paying ridiculous fees or losing customer data.


Create custom offer minimums, coupon codes, and specials on specific dishes or categories. Keep customers coming back with a built-in loyalty program and get customer data for each transaction.


Automatic SEO

Show up when customers are searching for your restaurant

Exclusive offers

Give your customers exclusive savings when ordering directly


Smooth experience

Impress customers with a world-class online experience, branded to your restaurant

Loyalty program

Incentivize customers to order directly from your website with built in rewards


Own your customer data

Remarket to your customers and build your customer list

Commission-free  ordering

Retain up to 35% more of each transaction, with commission-free online ordering


Create a unique loyalty program for your business. Customize rewards to attract new customers and encourage repeat orders. By offering loyalty points as an incentive, your participants can accumulate points and redeem rewards, such as money off future orders. 

Will you pass up on


Tired of paying the big online ordering companies 20-35% per transaction?


Get a custom online ordering platform branded to your restaurant, that's COMMISSION-FREE. No charges per order. No Commissions. No competition. Get orders directly to your email, fax, or tablet. Own all your customer data and remarket specials and deals to drive more transactions.

What's Included

Commission-free online ordering system

Get orders by email, fax, to your tablet and be notified by phone

Branded to your business

Own all your data

No competition from other nearby restaurants

Customers can order pick-up, delivery, or order ahead for catering orders

Built-In Email marketing to remarket to your customers

Earn 20-35% more per order than Grubhub, Doordash, & Uber Eats

Personalized Coupons accepted at checkout

Accept AMEX, Discover, Mastercard, Visa, or PayPal without issue with a standard credit card processing rate



Grow your quick-serve restaurant with an all-in-one, easy-to-use restaurant system powered by Take online orders commission-free, accept all major credit cards securely, and manage your offers and delivery area. 


Take both phone and online orders for delivery or pickup and receive payments online through a variety of payment gateways. 

Mobile optimized

Your customers can seamlessly order and pay on their phone.

Secure payments

Accept payment online securely from all major credit and debit cards.

Phone order tracking

Take and track phone orders and manage them from one dashboard.

Coupons and offers

Create and share discounts on the whole menu or promote specific dishes.

Branded website

Receive orders directly from your branded website without commissions.

Web accessible for all

No more PDFs! Your site will be ADA, Section 508, WCAG 2.1 AA compliant.


Choose which areas you deliver to and set different costs and delivery times for each area. If a location is further away from your restaurant you can charge extra to deliver there and increase the delivery time. You can also temporarily switch delivery areas on and off based on your availability.

Set delivery zones

Set your delivery areas by zip code, radius, or draw your own.

Delivery minimums

You set the rules and the minimums. Set minimum delivery thresholds per zone.

Distance-based fees

Expand your delivery footprint with delivery fees per designated areas.

Real-time analytics

Track real-time analytics on sales, site traffic, and restaurant insights.

Future orders

Let customers choose their pick-up or delivery times, great for catering orders!

Curbside pick-up

Offer your customers pick up, or have their order brought out to them.


Choose which areas you deliver to and set different costs and delivery times for each area. If a location is further away from your restaurant you can charge extra to deliver there and increase the delivery time. You can also temporarily switch delivery areas on and off based on your availability.

Customizable menu

Have a menu for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, with full modifier capabilities.

Time-based menus

All-day breakfast? Lunch specials? Have different menus for all times of the day.

Future orders

Order in advance options let customers schedule out their orders ahead of time.

Express checkout

Customers can save their information for speedy checkout.

Automated tax

Automatically collect tax on all orders for each individual dish.

Loyalty rewards

Customize rewards to attract new customers and encourage repeat orders.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • I don't want to sit there and type out a menu for hours. I don't have time.
    Time is money, 100%. That's why we're a done for you service. After you fill out this form, we'll have a quick call, get your menu, and do it for you. If we have questions, we'll reach out.
  • I change my prices and update my menu frequently. What then?
    Got a menu update, or price change? No problem. If you have major changes, send them over to us. You'll have a dedicated messaging channel for your rep. BUT if you also have the flexibility to make updates yourself if you want.
  • Are you sending me another tablet?
    Do you really need another tablet? Who's got that much counter space for 3-5 tablets all buzzing? You can use your existing tablet to manage orders and menus. If you don't want to do that, you can get it emailed or faxed over.
  • What am I paying for?
    Probably the most important question (we probably should have put this first). Your plan covers the order management system build, menu updates, and the continued hosting of your ordering system.
  • Does this only work for Pizzerias?
    Absolutely not! Whether you sling burgers, serve up sandwiches, sushi, tacos... anything really... this online ordering system can work for you. Supermarkets use our service for their catering orders.
  • Catering orders you say?
    Catering orders. You don't need to only use the system for quick-serve transactions. You can use it for catering orders too. Whether you're catering an office lunch, dinner party, or large event, your customers can order directly through your site. With no commissions paid.
  • I fill the form... then what?
    Great question. After you fill out the form, you'll be directed to a booking link where you'll schedule your onboarding. We'll sign the papers, set up your slack channel (direct access to your rep), and get your files, and set a timetable.
  • What will you need?
    During our call, we'll cover getting your: Menu Logo files (if you have) Setting up your payment processing Access to your .com domain ​(if you don't have one, you can buy one here) Use coupon code URL1 for 15% off! Domain privacy is recommended
  • How long will it take to go live?
    After you're onboarding session, it'll take a week or so to build out your menu, depending on the menu complexity, it can take more or less time. If we get everything we need, you can be up and ready to start taking orders in 2 weeks or less. But if things get in the way, it'll be based on an agreed-upon timetable.
  • Should I cancel my other online ordering platforms like Grubhub?
    That's a decision you have to make for your business. We have clients that use our platform as the main system and keep the others to maintain a market presence. Others try to bring people over from the other platforms with coupons and discounts from ordering direct. It's your choice
  • How will I know how to use the system?
    After the build-out is complete, we'll schedule a training session for you to see how to management portal works and send some test orders so your employees know what to expect.
  • I already have a website. Will this replace my website?
    Only if you want it too. For example, if your website is , we can make your ordering system, and you can have both. or you can replace your existing website. Not techy? No problem, we'll help you with that
  • What if I want to cancel?
    If you decide to cancel, that's no problem! We have a 30-day notice cancellation policy. This way you'll have time to make sure your new systems are in place, and any residual payments have been deposited into your bank account. ​ Once the 30 days are completed, we'll take the site down. We can also email you your customer list upon request.



Tasty Bagels |

Tasty Bagels is one of the few NY Bagel Deli's that offer the customization of a NY Deli to customers online. 

Combining online ordering and loyalty programs, Tasty Bagels has been able to build a database of customers that order directly from him without any 3rd-party online ordering platforms.



Ready to start taking your money back from those large online ordering companies and keeping 20-35% more per transaction? Of course, you are!

Get started with your branded online ordering platform for your restaurant by filling out the form here, or scheduling a demo.

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